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Fundamental Disaster Management (FDM)

This course prepares healthcare professionals to treat victims of natural or man made mass casualty events. It arms critical care professionals with the expertise to manage the critical care response to large-scale disasters. The online version (coming in 2012) of this one day course (when delivered in its traditional (live instruction format) is a must for healthcare providers who may come in contact with critically ill and/or injured patients after a mass casualty event. When you select this online learning program, the skill stations for this activity are provided online and the popular desk-reference book is mailed to you, which you will want to have handy during any mass-casualty event.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the core structure and functions of disaster incident management and describe how the critical care response is coordinated by the interfaces with incident managers.
  •  List the types of events that are most likely to require a critical care response and describe the anticipated critical care needs of the affected people.
  • Explain the significant changes in organization, staffing, and responsibility that may improve the provision of critical care during a mass casualty.
  • Describe the guiding principle for triage and allocation of scarce critical care resources during a disaster.
  • Demonstrate how to setup and troubleshoot alternative positive pressure ventilation equipment such as the mechanical ventilators maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Strategic National Stockpile.
  • Recognize the emergency situations that require use of personal protective equipment (PPE) or environmental controls while caring for critically ill victims.
  • The FDM course includes a combination of didactic sessions and skill stations and can be offered as an independent course or as an add-on module to the FCCS course.
Target Audience


Critical care health professionals including pharmacists, respiratory care professionals, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians.

Also, persons who have successfully completed Society of Critical Care Medicine's Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) course and who are expected to have significant critical care responsibilities during an emergency.

Find a Course

To register for any of the FDM courses, please call or email the sponsoring facility directly. Remember not all courses will accept outside registrants or offer the instructor candidate curriculum. If you are interested in taking the instructor portion of the FDM course, please mention that when you register for a course.


To register for any of the FDM COURSES listed, please call or email the sponsoring facility directly. Not all courses will accept outside registrants or offer the Instructor candidate curriculum.


This online course includes:

  • Pre- and Post-Tests
    Online pre- and post-tests validate the learners’ knowledge accrual following participation in the online FDM Course. Tests have been structured to reflect the course content. A post-test score of 70% or higher is required for successful course completion and continuing education credit eligibility.
  • Course Textbook
    The FDM textbook (English) is an excellent desktop reference and is included with registration for the online course. It is mailed to the participant after registration. The text is comprised of 16 chapters and is appropriate for primary care physicians, emergency physicians, residents and fellows, physicians assistants, nurses, and other personnel who care for the critically ill and injured.


The FDM Text is an excellent "in the field" reference. Order yours today!

FDM - Handbook, Fundamental Disaster Management is now available in Spanish

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The Fundamental Disaster Management, Third Edition (FDM) course handbook is the reference and source for the standardized course comprised of 11 lectures and two skill stations. The handbook is appropriate for all health care professionals wanting to be prepared to assist patients resulting from man-made or natural disasters, and other personnel who care for the critically ill and injured.

The FDM course was prepared under the direction of the Society of Critical Care by leading multiprofessional critical care educators with expertise in disaster preparedness.

Chapters include topics on:

  • Disaster Preparation for the Critical Care Provider - Setting the Stage 
  • Intensive Care Unit Microcosm Within Disaster Medical Response
  • Augmenting Critical Care Capacity During a Disaster
  • Critical Care Management of Chemical Exposures
  • Intentional and Natural Outbreaks of Infectious Disease
  • Critical Care Management of Radiological Exposures
  • Conventional Explosions and Blast Injuries
  • Mass Casualty Burn Care
  • Disasters Produced by Natural Phenomena
  • Caring for Critically Ill Children
  • Delivering Acute Care to Chronically Ill Adults in Shelters
  • Palliative Care and Mental Health Issues
  • Disaster Triage and Allocation of Scarce Resouces
  • Sustained Mechanical Ventilation Outside of Traditional Intensive Care Units
  • Personal Protective Equipement and Decontamination Management Strategies

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